Budget-friendly, sustainable merchandise ideas

Finding new ways to connect with your customers is one of the most exciting aspects of marketing. 

When you delve into the data and insights and combine them with audience profiling, you can discover some ingenious ways to improve brand loyalty and boost brand awareness. 

But developing merchandise lines or maintaining known and loved product ranges takes money. 

So, in a world where the cost of living continuously fluctuates, how do you find cost-effective ways to get experimental and adventurous with merchandise solutions? 

That’s where we can help… 

How to find show-stopping sustainable merchandise

First up, if you really want to uncover the best sustainable promotional products, you have to speak to one of our experts

Consumers are more conscious about the impact they’re having on the planet, and as a result, they’re looking for products that are sustainably produced with a lower carbon footprint. 

As part of our ESG journey, we only work with a global  network of partners  with a shared vision to do better and be better. So, if you want true sustainability that is cost-effective too, we’re best placed to support your business. 

We can give you insight into the products that are big hitters with customers or even help you develop new product lines that are bespoke to your brand. 

And, we’ll be able to help you find the most sustainable and affordable ways to fulfil your order.

Buying in bulk will save you money 

By working with a global network of partners, we’re able to source cost-effective products from around the world. 

So if you want to make order fulfilment cheaper in the long run, the smartest thing to do is to order in bulk when items are being imported. 

Get organised, think ahead and map out key moments in your trading calendar to make the most of these savings. 

Our Account Management team will help you with this and ensure we can find the best way to manage and maintain your product lines in line with your budgets. 

You can still buy in bulk even if you don’t have storage! 

If you don’t have the space to hold lots of stock, ordering in bulk to benefit from a discounted cost may feel impossible, but we can help there too! 

Our merchandise programmes are designed for businesses just like yours and could help you scale your business at speed too. 

You can hold and store products in our warehouse and even take advantage of our distribution service. 

You’ll also have access to your products 24/7, 365 days a year via an order portal, so it’s responsive to the needs of your business. 

Get smart with warehousing and distribution 

We’re experienced in fulfilment and distribution and provide complete logistic solutions for many of our customers. 

Our services are entirely flexible too, so whether you want pick-and-pack for e-commerce or need next-day delivery to multiple locations, we can take care of it for you! 

Our services include: 

Warehousing: We can organise and hold merchandise, making it easier for our customers to buy sustainable merchandise solutions in bulk and benefit from cost savings. You’ll have access to stock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our fully customisable webstores.

Distribution: Whether we’re delivering directly to you or to multiple locations around the world, we’ll find the most sustainable way to get your goods from A to B. We have green logistics and verified carbon offsetting on our UPS account, so you can rest assured that we will deliver responsibly to help reduce your overall carbon footprint. 

Fulfilment: We specialise in all levels of order fulfilment, so whether you’re interested in goods in and orders out, pick and pack, shipping with tracking, or returns and recycling, we can support your business. We can also provide detailed data management to help you stay in complete control. 

Discover some of A.D.’s favourite products 

If you’re looking for some inspiration, head over to our blog and take a look at some of our favourite products as recommended by our team. 

You’ll discover smart tech, personalised products and ingenious must-haves that quickly become everyday essentials, like the Icon 3-in-1 charger or the HidrateSpark smart water bottle! 

If you want to find out how we can help your business discover budget-friendly, sustainable merchandise ideas, get in touch

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