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Merchandise Account Management

Living and breathing every part of the customer journey. Our account managers are the gateway into our clients.

By forming a genuine relationship with their clients, they provide a creative spark and take responsibility for upholding client brand guidelines and corporate values.

Using the necessary resources and service solutions to deliver all merchandise needs.

Account Management
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Creative connections

We understand our client brands and build a connection. This is what we stand for. We invest our time to determine the best solutions to support our clients.



Our Account Managers work closely with their clients, to uphold their brand values, create solutions collaboratively and to provide ongoing support.


We’re always local to you

We’re on-hand wherever you are. Our team is strategically located so they can see clients face-to-face.

What is an account manager?

The role of an account manager at A.D. is a multifaceted and vital position within our company’s operations. Our dedicated account management team is responsible for overseeing the entire lifecycle of branded merchandise, from idea development to delivery. They act as a primary point of contact for our customers, ensuring that their branding needs and promotional objectives are met with precision.

Our account managers collaborate closely with clients to understand their branding goals and marketing strategies. They then leverage their expertise to source, design, and produce bespoke promotional merchandise that aligns seamlessly with a brand’s identity. Whether it’s custom apparel, promotional gadgets, or branded corporate gifts, our team will ensure that every item reflects your unique brand message.

What does an account manager do?

When you become a valued customer, we’ll appoint an account manager to your business and they’ll be responsible for helping you find creative solutions that will amplify your brand to new and engaged audiences.

They’ll start by getting to know your brand inside out, diving deep into your marketing and sustainability goals, as well as the image you want to portray. With this insight, they’ll work their magic to source or create custom promotional merchandise that embodies your brand identity.

Beyond the creative aspect, they’ll handle all the nitty-gritty of logistics. From managing production schedules to quality checks and on-time deliveries, you can trust them to keep everything running smoothly and within budget. They’re also constantly exploring the latest trends and innovative merchandise solutions to keep your promotional strategy fresh, effective and exciting.

What makes a good account manager?

Here at A.D. we go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, which means our account managers must be proactive problem-solvers who are passionate about product innovation. They genuinely care about helping our customers find memorable ways to market their brand and get excited about helping them find new and innovative ways to create eye-catching marketing moments. 

An account manager at A.D. will always have a significant focus on personalisation. They’ll take the time to understand your brand on a deep level, tailoring every merchandise recommendation to your unique identity. This means going beyond the obvious choices to surprise and delight you and your audiences. 

Communication is another vital skill. Your account manager will keep you in the loop every step of the way, providing regular updates and being responsive to your questions and concerns. This ensures that your vision and feedback are always integrated into the process.

Another key trait of our account managers is being a forward-thinker, constantly on the lookout for emerging trends and creative opportunities to elevate your brand’s promotional strategy. They’re not just here for today, but to future-proof your brand’s success.

In essence, our account managers are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve to make your brand shine brighter than ever.

Can your account managers assist me in aligning my sustainable values with the specifications of my order?

If you’re looking for products that align with your business’s sustainability targets, we can help!

At A.D., our account managers are your trusted partners in helping you make sustainable choices. We share your commitment to sustainability and are on a journey to become a Net Zero business – you can read more about our approach to ESG here. 

When you work with us, our experts will guide you through a range of eco-friendly options, from responsibly sourced materials to sustainable production processes. 

We’ll help you choose merchandise that aligns seamlessly with your values, ensuring your orders not only promote your brand but also contribute to a greener future. At A.D., sustainability isn’t a buzzword; it’s a shared mission, and we’re here to support your business in your sustainability efforts. 

How do I get started with an account manager at A.D.?

Getting started with an account manager at A.D. is a straightforward and collaborative process. It begins with you getting in touch and having a conversation where we listen to your unique branding objectives, helping us understand your vision and goals. From there, we’ll introduce you to a dedicated account manager who will serve as your guide throughout the journey.

They’ll work closely with you, offering expert advice on product selection, design, and sustainable options, ensuring every aspect aligns with your brand identity. We encourage open communication so you can share your ideas and preferences at every stage.

Account management FAQs

We understand how important your business is, and we want to ensure that you have the best service possible at every step of the journey, which is why there will always be an account manager when going through the order process. They will play a pivotal role, offering personalised guidance and support at every step.
Of course! At A.D. we're well-equipped to handle international and large-scale merchandise orders. With a wealth of experience, our account managers can efficiently coordinate and manage shipping and delivery logistics across borders. We have a global network of trusted partners and suppliers, ensuring that your orders meet international standards and regulations.  Rest assured, whether your order is local, international, or of grand proportions, we have the expertise and resources to make it a seamless and successful process for you.
"Arriva have used A.D. for many years, helping with product suggestions, ideas and designs. No matter what the job the team always work with us and pull out all the stops to get products delivered to our timescales."
Jay Drummond - Arriva Marketing Manager North

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