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Enhance the product experience with high-quality packaging that has been fully branded for your business.

Whether you’re looking for packaging for small businesses or for large-scale product distribution, our bespoke packaging solutions will help you capture the attention of your target audience quickly and effectively.

Using state-of-the-art robotic machinery and digital die cutting, we can offer customised boxes, high-end luxury packaging and cost-effective mailing carton solutions.

White box
Gift box

Paper-over-board gift boxes

Create the perception of luxury with this stylish paper-over-board gift box. If you are looking to make the ultimate impression, our range of rigid paper-over-board presentation boxes deliver exactly that!

Mailing box

Corrugated mailing boxes

High impact cost effective mailing carton solutions. Ensure you make a good first impression with our high impact printed corrugated mailing boxes. 

Eco-friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging

Because we believe that packaging should be as eco-friendly as the products within, we also have lots of packaging options to choose from that are made out of sustainable materials, recycled and FSC certified paper, biodegradable materials and many more reusable options.

Gift box and sleeve

Gift boxes and sleeves

Discover a variety of cost-effective, simple card gift box solutions. There’s something to suit all occasions and they’re the ideal for small and lightweight gifts. 

Why choose bespoke packaging?

If you want an impactful way to capture attention and raise your brand profile, bespoke packaging is an excellent way to elevate your product offering. 

There are many reasons why businesses choose personalised packaging; for example, some companies might need eye-catching designs for point-of-display advertising, while others might want to raise their brand profile at an event. 

Bespoke packaging is also a fantastic way to create memorable brand experiences. In fact, brands who invest in luxurious unboxing experiences can often maximise brand reach by engaged audiences sharing short-form video content to social channels. 

Whilst it’s easy to think packaging only exists to protect your products in transit and storage, it can actually become an invaluable aspect of your marketing mix. So, if you’re looking for new, interesting and creative ways to get your products into the hands of your key audiences, contact us today for a consultation.


What types of bespoke packaging do you provide?

At A.D. we can supply an array of bespoke packaging options which will enhance your branded products. Not only do we have great choices to choose from, but we also offer expert advice on what we think will be best for you and your business. 

We specialise in branded boxes, such as simple branded sleeves which slide over existing boxes, presentation gift boxes with lift-off lids, personalised boxes and one-piece folding boxes with magnetic closures.

We also offer full retail packaging that’s designed to fit on shelves, which can feature cut-out holes for shelf hangers and scannable QR barcodes to make the retail experience seamless!

The process of bespoke packaging is what sets us apart from the rest. We take time to understand your needs and help you discover effective solutions at the most competitive prices possible. Our flexibility is one of our greatest assets.

When we’ve identified what packaging solution is ideal for you, we’ll then look into how we can make it bespoke to your business. All of our products can have custom logos, embossing and brand colours implemented as and how you want.

To learn more about how our processes work, head over to our New Product Development page and see the steps we take with our clients.

Great packaging can set your company apart from the rest of your competitors and create an individual style that showcases your brand’s personality perfectly!


Is your custom packaging eco-friendly?

Yes! We strongly believe in doing what we can to help our environment, which means we take great pride in helping our customers find custom packaging that is eco-friendly and sustainably sourced. 

We offer a wide range of eco-friendly packaging, with materials including natural uncoated and recycled paper that have been responsibly sourced from sustainable forests across the globe.

We can also use water-based inks on packaging. These inks do not contain harmful chemicals and have a 30-40% lower carbon footprint than oil or solvent based inks, making them a sustainable alternative that’s kinder to the environment.. 

We can also swap single-use plastic polybags for an eco-friendlier home-compostable biodegradable packaging option made from corn starch or sugar cane. 

We recently sourced product labels for one of our client’s retail schemes that used water-based glue to make the product as eco-friendly and recyclable as possible.

They’re also cruelty-free, as no animal produce is used in production!

So even if you have a very specific eco-friendly packaging request, we’ll be more than happy to help you find the perfect solution!

Packaging Solutions FAQs

The easy answer is that it all depends on your exact requirements! At A.D. we work on printed packaging projects of all sizes, but to be able to give you an exact answer on minimum quantity orders for printed packaging, we just need to know a few details such as: 
  • Packaging size
  • Packaging style
  • Print requirements
  • Finishing touches
Sourcing materials may also impact quantity sizes too, as we work with UK packaging suppliers and global providers The best way to find out is to give us a call, chat through your requirements and get a bespoke quote for your needs.
We have a meticulous approach we take with clients when creating branded packaging designs and new product display solutions. We start by taking a look at the client’s brief, what they want, their budget and how and where the packaging is going to be used. To us, it’s important we know with branded packaging if it’s purely decorative or for presentation purposes. This way we can make the decision that has the client's best interests at heart. For example, one of our favourite clients, Speedy Services, approached us to produce a bespoke Summer/BBQ Wellbeing Kit that could be posted through their employees' letterboxes. This meant we needed to create something that felt like a lovely treat and aesthetically pleasing, whilst withstanding transit and delivery. In some cases, we take a standard box size/shape and adapt it to suit a particular project. In other cases, we will create something truly bespoke. But what doesn’t change is that our focus is always on creating the best impression in the most cost-effective way!
Similarly to minimum quantity orders, delivery time also depends on the style of packaging, quantities, finishing touches and branding techniques. Typically, for simple small and medium-sized boxes with a one-colour print, the lead time can be just a few weeks. However, for more complex, bespoke packaging requirements, we would require a longer lead time. In short, we’d advise you to get us involved early on in your planning stages so we can start the process sooner and avoid any delivery issues down the line! To get started now, head to our Start A Project page!
Bespoke packaging involves creating a unique way of presenting your branded products, whether that’s sourcing eco-friendly recycled or sustainable materials, making a box tailored to your exact requirements and having your branding exactly as you want. A customised box could be a standard-sized box shape that’s printed with your branding and message. The end result can still give the appearance of a bespoke branded box, but is a more cost-effective option if you’re working on a limited budget and can be quicker to produce if you’re looking for a quick turnaround time.  If you would like a free consultation with one of our experts please head over to our Creative page to get started!

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