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Global Merchandise Sourcing

We work with a trusted network of global suppliers to source, design and deliver awesome products.

We’re at the cutting-edge with the latest product trends and innovations, guaranteeing that our clients stand out from the crowd.

Audited and vetted on a regular basis, our supply chain is a network of local and international suppliers, ensuring we are extremely nimble and can offer the solution that is most suitable. Be that, fast turnaround, low order quantity or high volume, fully custom products. We’ve got it covered!

We’re proud to be committed to managing the social, environmental and economic impacts within our supply chain. Working in partnership with our suppliers, we work hard to mitigate risk and our values are upheld.

Global Sourcing


Our team covers the globe to unearth the latest product innovations. Attending trade shows around the world and fostering brilliant relationships with our supply chain.

Quality products

Made to order

We can bring your ideas to life. We are specialists in developing fully custom products across a number of product categories that are used for marketing or sold as retail gifts. Let’s make something awesome together!

Ethical supply chain

An ethical supply chain

We go above and beyond to mitigate risk within our supply chain. Working with recognised established manufacturers, our supply chain is transparent and regularly vetted to ensure that it exceeds quality, social and ethical requirements.

Quality assured

Quality assured

Our products are rigorously checked throughout the production process to guarantee they are manufactured to high standards.

Product compliance

Product compliance

We ensure the products are tested so they meet our customers’ high standards for product compliance.

What is Global Merchandise Sourcing?

Global merchandise sourcing enables us to provide customers with ethically-sourced, sustainable products from the best suppliers worldwide.

We’ve forged strong partnerships with trusted suppliers, which means we’re in an excellent position to negotiate lower prices per unit to drive costs down. This means our customers can enjoy economies of scale when it comes to ordering bulk-branded solutions.

If holding stock at your premises is difficult, why not speak to your account manager about our merchandise programme services? It could prove a cost-effective way for you to manage stock and drive costs down in the long run. You can also use our warehousing and distribution services and distribute stock directly from our warehouse. 

Rest assured, our expert team will work with you to help you find cost-effective, affordable solutions that ensure quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction! 

How do you vet your suppliers?

At A.D., we prioritise transparency and ethical practices when vetting our suppliers. Our thorough supplier evaluation process includes assessing their certifications, production capabilities, and adherence to sustainability standards

We verify their track record, reputation, and compliance with industry regulations.

To ensure high-end quality, we only partner with suppliers who meet our stringent criteria and share our commitment to ethical sourcing. By collaborating with a global network of approved partners, we guarantee access to a diverse range of responsibly sourced products for our customers.

As a part of our ESG journey, we believe in the power of an ethical supply chain. Traceability is also essential; when we promote sustainable products, we want to say, with total confidence, that our products are truly sustainable. It’s vital that we can provide our customers with complete lifecycle information, from how materials are sourced to how much water and energy is saved during the production of the products they buy. 

Our ISO accreditations demonstrate our commitment to rigorous testing, ensuring compliance with all requirements before fully producing and deploying unique products. 

Where do we source our global merchandise?

Our commitment to providing exceptional products is reflected in our meticulous sourcing process. We source our merchandise from various regions renowned for their expertise and craftsmanship.

A significant portion of our products comes from the Far East, particularly mainland China, where centuries of skilful artistry converge with modern manufacturing techniques. We also source products from Asia, more specifically India, as well as Turkey, another source of our merchandise.

Additionally, we curate a selection from Europe, mainly from Poland and Germany, known for their precision engineering and innovation. By strategically selecting merchandise from these distinct regions, we ensure a diverse range of products.

Is your merchandise ethically sourced?

Yes – our merchandise is ethically sourced. 

We take ethical sourcing seriously. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to partner with a global network of approved suppliers who adhere to strict ethical standards.

By collaborating with these conscientious partners, we can confidently assure our customers that large amounts of our merchandise are ethically sourced. From environmentally friendly production to fair labour practices, we prioritise transparency and integrity in our sourcing process.

Rest assured, with our Global Merchandise Sourcing, you can enjoy a wide range of products that align with your values and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Is global sourcing cost-effective?

Our approach to global sourcing is highly cost-effective. Through our extensive network of approved partners and suppliers, we leverage economies of scale to lower production costs significantly. 

By collaborating with manufacturers from different countries, we optimise the sourcing process and minimise expenses.

Additionally, global sourcing allows us to reduce risks associated with supply chain disruptions and currency fluctuations, ensuring stability and affordability for our customers. 

With cost-effective solutions tailored to meet assigned budgets, businesses can benefit from a wide range of ethically sourced and sustainable products without compromising quality.

Can I develop a bespoke product line with global merchandise sourcing?

Yes, you can create a bespoke product line via global sourcing. Our network means we’re not limited in our capabilities. We have access to imaginative solutions and partners who can help us bring ideas to life, so global sourcing is an excellent way to expand product lines. 

Collaborating closely with your brand, we offer fully customised products through our new product development service. Our team generates a wide range of innovative ideas, providing artwork, prototypes, and samples for your review, ensuring complete satisfaction before production.

Let us elevate your marketing strategy and help you reach the right audience with the right products and create a lasting impression! Contact us for more information.

Global Sourcing FAQs

Our merchandise's storage and distribution primarily occur at our central warehouse in Chorley, Lancashire.  This strategically located facility provides exceptional connectivity to the motorway network, enabling swift and efficient delivery services for our customers throughout the UK.  In addition to our main warehouse, we collaborate with trusted local partners to fulfil specific requirements as they arise. This ensures flexibility and scalability in our distribution processes.  Rest assured that reliable storage and distribution networks support our merchandise programmes and promotional merchandise schemes, guaranteeing timely delivery and customer satisfaction. You can learn more about our warehouse, distribution and logistic services here
We understand the importance of transparency and keeping customers informed about their orders. While order tracking is available upon request for time-critical deliveries and events, we strive to provide prompt delivery within specific timelines.  As part of our merchandise programme, we ensure that orders reach customers within 2 working days for UK deliveries, offering efficient and swift service. For European deliveries, the time frame extends to 4 working days.  We prioritise seamless order management, and our dedicated tracking system enables us to monitor and update order progress. 
Yes, we hold ISO accreditations, specifically ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. These accreditations demonstrate our commitment to rigorous testing, ensuring compliance with all requirements before fully producing and deploying unique products.  With ISO 14001, we prioritise environmental efficiency savings, while ISO 9001 ensures effective customer service delivery. Trust our accredited solutions for unparalleled quality, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction.
"A.D. have been a valued supplier to our large global company for over 5 years. During that time it has been a pleasure to work with the team whose attention to detail and the final product delivery has always been outstanding."

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