New Product Development

New Product Development

What is New Product Development (NPD)?

New Product Development is the overall term for the creation and development of bespoke product designs.

In some instances, NPD could be the development of new products specifically for sale in retail stores to customers or the design of new products for business-only use, such as promotional merchandise or branded clothing.

Here at A.D. we specialise in helping brands develop bespoke solutions that make lasting impressions. But for us, it goes beyond basic product design. We care about understanding the unique needs of your brand to create experiences, not just branded solutions, and we call it Creative Connections.

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How we approach a new NPD brief

We care about your brand as much as you do, so we take the time to understand what you’re trying to achieve. For example, some businesses may be trying to increase brand recall through creative promotional merchandise, so we will work with them to find the most creative way to amplify their visual brand identity.

Once we understand your timeline, target audience, budget, and purpose, we’ll provide the best solutions to help you achieve your objectives.

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Stages of the New Product Development process

The seven stages of New Product Development have been devised to ensure our clients create a product that surpasses their expectations. In many cases, clients will have something in mind when they first speak to us, but through careful and thorough investigations, we can often provide unique solutions that will help them make a real impact.

Stage 1 - Idea generation

We get to the heart of what you want to achieve. Through these investigations, we’ll begin crafting ideas that will help you fulfil your business objectives.

Stage 2 - Idea screening

Once we’re satisfied we have the best solutions for you, we’ll present these ideas back to you to review.

Stage 3 - Concept development & testing

Working with our trusted suppliers, we’ll create artwork, prototypes and samples to test and ensure you’re 100% happy before production.

Stage 4 - Market strategy/business analysis

Our team has a wealth of experience in managing product development and distribution. So, if you need support with getting your products into the hands of the people you want to target and measure the success of your campaigns, we can help.

Stage 5 - Product development

Once the design has been approved and signed off, we go into full production.

Stage 6 - Deployment

Products are ready to be distributed.

Stage 7 - Market entry

You’re reaching your target audience with unforgettable merchandise that’s getting you noticed.


We start with a brief to understand the specific needs of each client we work with. Questions are targeted toward your business, industry and consumers to help us understand your vision. In addition to this, we’ll also complete our own market research to gain wider insights into how consumers are connecting with businesses in similar markets.
Market research is an integral part of what we do, and it’s what sets us apart from other branded merchandise companies. While we can provide off-the-shelf products, our specialism is creating bespoke solutions that make a real impact and add value. By understanding what’s helping brands in specific sectors connect with customers, we can devise plans that will help you beat the competition.
Once we have obtained information from you, we will then proceed with our ideation session where we will begin to compile details on bespoke solutions that we feel will suit your requirements. At this stage, we will also take into account lead times, deadlines, branding options and colour selections. Once we have our options approved, we will share our ideas with you, preparing pictorial images of how the product will be presented and providing full insight into the rationales behind our recommendations. When you select your favourite option, we will create samples and prototypes for full testing ahead of instructing full production.
In the first instance, we provide artwork and 3D visuals prior to the main production. However, if a product needs a prototype ahead of production, we're happy to provide a pre-production sample (PPS).
The lifecycle of an NPD is entirely dependent on your timescales, requirements and budgets.  We will always work with you to provide transparent project overviews so you know exactly how long production will take and ensure it’s achieved within budget.  We can be reactive and will always aim to provide solutions that help you meet your marketing goals and timelines. If you have a specific request in mind, get in touch to discover what’s possible.  
New Food Product Development typically refers to the development of new recipe formulations.  Whilst we do not specialise in this, we can certainly source exceptional quality food and drink items, such as promotional chocolates, promotional sweets, promotional alcohol and hampers that are fully branded to your business. 
Our expert product development management ensures our NPD process is agile and responsive to your needs. Our approach breaks the project down into short developmental cycles called sprints. After each iteration, product teams deliver a working product to customers to get feedback and make changes accordingly.
New Product Development in business is all about finding new ways to attract consumers.  It’s something that should evolve with the changing needs of your customers and what they expect from your industry.  At A.D. we’re always looking for new ways that we can help our clients connect with their audiences and will keep you updated with new initiatives that capture the imagination and make an impression.  If you want to make something awesome together, get in touch; we’d love to hear from you! 

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