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Corporate Merchandise Programmes

We provide merchandise programmes for leading brands.

Our fully customised webstores give you access to a range of popular products that you can access and order from 24/7, 365 days a year.

Combined with our storage and distribution solutions, our webstores are perfect for companies who don't have physical space or logistic services of their own. They offer convenience, reduced delivery times and guarantee brand consistency throughout a range of products.

They are a super-convenient way for our clients to order pre-approved merchandise and get it quickly

Merchandise Programmes
Drive Efficiencies

Drive efficiencies

One webstore to control all branded merchandise within your organisation.  Buying centrally achieves economies of scale and is proven to save money and time.



Working closely with our customers we develop a range of merchandise that is tailored for their brand. Easily introduce new products to always stay on trend.



We create web stores that reflect our customers’ brands. Featuring a host of functions including live stock levels and detailed product information.



Fully integrated with our warehouse, we can seamlessly deliver your orders the next-day. Making the buying and delivery effortless.


Intelligent reporting

Management information designed so our clients can find out how and where your branded merchandise is being used.

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Experience and trusted

A.D. have years of experience in providing merchandise web stores for leading brands. Our creativity and technology paired with our award-winning storage and distribution solution gives our customers incredible peace of mind.

What is a merchandise programme?

A merchandise programme, also known as a corporate merchandise programme, allows you to optimise your procurement process while reaping cost benefits. 

By utilising our branded merchandise storage facilities, you can enjoy substantial savings through lower unit prices on bulk orders. We offer a seamless solution: by creating a bespoke online order portal for your business, it enables your team to place orders easily, manage stock levels, and arrange deliveries to multiple locations. 

With complete control over user access, product ranges, and budget allocation, our promotional merchandise scheme ensures streamlined operations and efficient budget management. 

Exploring our global corporate merchandise programmes will enhance your brand presence and maximise savings.


Do you provide merchandise programme clients with a dedicated account manager?

We understand how important your business is, and we want to ensure that you have the best service possible at every step of the journey, which is why we appoint dedicated account managers for all merchandise programmes.

Your Account Manager will be your trusted partner throughout the corporate merchandise programme. They will play a pivotal role, offering personalised guidance and support at every step. 

From initial discussions about the promotional merchandise scheme to helping you find the best products for your brand and customers, our branded merchandise programme Account Managers will ensure a seamless experience. They will act as a liaison between our administration team and your business, overseeing the programme’s progress every month. 

With their expertise, they will assist in creating captivating product ideas and curating an extensive product range. Rest assured, the programme can be easily customised and expanded as per your requirements. 

Trust our dedicated team to make your corporate promotional merchandise programme successful.


Why would a business choose a merchandise programme? 

Choosing a merchandise programme comes with numerous benefits for businesses. Opting for larger quantity orders through our merchandising scheme enables significant cost savings compared to frequent smaller orders. So if you don’t have space to store and warehouse your items, we can support you and make it as cost-effective as possible for your business. 

With a single lead time, once your products are stocked in our merchandise storage warehouse, they can be promptly dispatched, eliminating the waiting time for on-demand production. A merchandise programme streamlines operations, saving time and reducing administrative burdens. 

Once set up, it runs efficiently with minimal management required. Our service includes monthly reporting, order analysis, and proactive alerts for stock replenishment, ensuring uninterrupted supply. As your trusted brand partner, we guarantee precise branding execution, providing a harmonious and branded promotional merchandise range.


What are the advantages of a merchandise programme?

A merchandise programme offers several business merchandise schemes advantages. You can secure better prices by leveraging economies of scale through bulk orders, even with merchandise storage and picking/packing charges factored in. 

This approach proves highly cost-effective compared to frequent smaller orders. Moreover, our dedicated administration and order processing team handles all the necessary merchandise programme tasks, relieving you of administrative burdens. 

Your involvement mainly includes selecting initial product ranges, replenishing stock levels, and reviewing monthly reports. With streamlined processes and expert management, our bespoke promotional merchandise programmes provide convenience and efficiency.


What’s the difference between merchandise programmes, business merchandise schemes and order portals?

Essentially, merchandise programmes, business merchandise schemes and online order portals are the same service, it’s just that we tailor them specifically to your needs.

The underlying process remains consistent. With these programmes, you can order and prepay for stock in advance, which is then conveniently stored for immediate call-off by your team. 

Whether referred to as a corporate merchandise programme or a branded merchandise scheme, the concept revolves around optimising your procurement and ensuring swift access to the products you need.


Is A.D.’s merchandise programme eco-friendly?

At A.D., we’re committed to an eco-friendly corporate merchandise programme. Sustainability is a core value we uphold throughout our operations and supply chain. 

As proud holders of ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accreditations, we prioritise environmentally responsible practices. Additionally, we’re signatories of the UN Global Compact, further affirming our dedication to ethical business practices. 

Through our comprehensive ESG (Economic, Social & Governance) plans, we’re actively working towards becoming a Net Zero company by 2035. This commitment extends to our entire supply chain, ensuring our partners and suppliers align with our values. 

We enforce a strict Supplier Code of Conduct agreement, which undergoes regular monitoring and review.


How do your ISO accreditations benefit customers looking for this service?

Our ISO accreditations, specifically ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, deliver tangible advantages to customers seeking our services. 

With ISO 14001, we prioritise environmentally sound practices, aligning with our comprehensive ESG plans. This ensures that our merchandise programmes operate with minimal environmental impact. 

On the other hand, ISO 9001 signifies our adherence to robust business policies and operational processes. By maintaining this standard, we streamline our internal operations, which ultimately translates into better cost savings for you as our valued customer.

Merchandise programmes FAQs

Our merchandise's storage and distribution primarily occur at our central warehouse in Chorley, Lancashire.  This strategically located facility provides exceptional connectivity to the motorway network, enabling swift and efficient delivery services for our customers throughout the UK.  In addition to our main warehouse, we collaborate with trusted local partners to fulfil specific requirements as they arise. This ensures flexibility and scalability in our distribution processes.  Rest assured that reliable storage and distribution networks support our merchandise programmes and promotional merchandise schemes, guaranteeing timely delivery and customer satisfaction. You can learn more about our warehouse, distribution and logistic services here
For efficient order fulfilment, we operate multiple dispatch locations. Our primary dispatch centre is in Chorley, serving as the hub for our merchandise programmes Additionally, we have established trusted fulfilment partnerships in the Lancashire and Greater Manchester regions. These additional locations allow us to enhance our distribution capabilities and ensure prompt delivery to our valued customers.  With a network of dispatch centres strategically positioned, we can cater to diverse geographical areas.
We understand the importance of transparency and keeping customers informed about their orders. While order tracking is available upon request for time-critical deliveries and events, we strive to provide prompt delivery within specific timelines.  As part of our merchandise programme, we ensure that orders reach customers within 2 working days for UK deliveries, offering efficient and swift service. For European deliveries, the time frame extends to 4 working days.  We prioritise seamless order management, and our dedicated tracking system enables us to monitor and update order progress. 
When considering our services, the suitability of a merchandise programme is determined by the order value and scope of the scheme rather than the specified quantity of products.  To ensure cost-effectiveness and optimal results, we recommend our corporate merchandise programmes for customers with diverse product ranges across multiple divisions, teams or locations, emphasising the importance of maintaining consistent branding across all items.  Furthermore, suppose your requirements involve delivering products to numerous locations, branches, or event facilities on a domestic, European, or global scale. In that case, our merchandise programmes provide a streamlined solution to manage such logistical complexities.
We strive to provide efficient order fulfilment services to our valued customers. Typically, orders placed on working days before 12 noon are dispatched on the same day, while orders placed after 12 noon are dispatched on the next working day.  We understand that there may be urgent situations where next-day delivery is required, and we can explore expedited options through a courier service, subject to additional charges. However, our standard delivery service operates on a 48-hour timeframe, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on timeliness.  We prioritise your satisfaction and aim to meet your specific delivery requirements.

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