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Charity merchandise is an excellent way for organisations to raise their profile, generate necessary funds and spread the word about their great causes.

Practical, unique merchandise that carries your charity's message will be seen repeatedly by supporters wherever they take your charity products. So, whether you're selling charity promo products or gifting them as souvenirs, you're generating impactful advertising opportunities and driving awareness.

Let us help you reach more people with bespoke charity merchandise...

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Charity solutions with a heart

When you’re promoting a brilliant cause, you want to do it with memorable charity merchandise that’s kind to the environment too. If you’re interested in sustainable charity merchandise that’s made from eco-friendly materials, get in touch!

Charity wristbands

Imaginative charity solutions

Get creative with charity products your patrons will be proud to wear. Fashion items are incredibly popular at the moment, so if you want creative charity merch that’ll help you build vital funds, we can help!

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Raise your profile

Whether you’re incentivising charity supporters with unique merch or selling charity-branded products to raise funds, we’ll help you get noticed! We’ve helped many charities develop fundraising merchandise, so give us a call…

We help charities who want merchandise!

Charities are always looking for ways to help sustain their funding, so we make it our mission to help you find the best and most cost-effective ways to market your charity and raise vital funding and awareness.

Whether you operate a charity, trust, foodbank, homeless service, shelter, not-for-profit organisation or youth development service, we can help you raise vital funds with cost-effective branded products. 

There are many ways to use promotional products to reach your supporters. For example, animal charities will sell branded items like personalised pet collars and tote bags and donate part of the profits directly to the charity. 

Wildlife and welfare charities also incentivise new supporters with branded items, cuddly toys or stationery when they sign up for support through their monthly direct debit schemes. Those with a physical shop presence might sell gift items to appeal to customers looking for thoughtful, charity-inspired gifts. 

We understand that every charity is different – you all have individual missions and varying budgets for marketing; that’s where our bespoke service can help.

We’ve helped charities develop fundraising merchandise based on products we know will sell well and make a good margin for them; we can even advise on RRP. 

We have also supported product development, design and packaging, including point-of-sale display advertising. We can also help charities test their products to ensure their charity merchandise ideas resonate with their patrons.

To learn more about our merchandising solutions, head to our Merchandise Programmes page and get in touch!


What are good charity merchandise ideas?

The world of charity merchandise is incredibly diverse. Where trolley keyrings were once all the rage, people are now invested in demonstrating their support for their chosen charities in more obvious ways. 

Today people are after long-lasting, useful, unique products that are often an extension of their style – with fashion items, including branded clothing, tote bags, charity badges and brightly coloured wrist bands being incredibly popular. 

We also specialise in helping people find sustainable charity merchandise made from eco-friendly materials that are kinder to the environment and easy to recycle. 

To see the different types of merchandise we offer, head over to Products or if you’re looking for something more unique and bespoke to your charity, take a look at creative solutions


How can merchandise help charities with fundraising?

According to How Charities Work, UK charities raise and invest over £40bn every year. Whilst fundraising and donations help charities raise money, a larger proportion of their income is generated through retail and e-commerce activations. This means branded charity merchandise can be the primary source of funding for many charities. 

If you’re looking for bespoke fundraising merchandise, our team can help you create something truly unique. You can sell directly to patrons and incentivise long-term support with branded merchandise or use charity tins and branded money donation buckets at events to raise cash. 

You can start a project here, all you have to do is tell us about your charity and what you’re interested in to get started. Or, give us a call today and see how we can help your charity raise even more money.


What charities have we worked with in the past?

Here at A.D., we’re big on charities.

As well as helping organisations create branded charity ideas, we’re passionate supporters of many local charities. 

Over the years, we’ve worked with many organisations, including children’s charities, the Irish Red Cross, community groups, and government-funded charities focused on literacy, healthy eating and fitness.

We have also worked with Feed My City, where we supplied stationery, uniforms and cash funding for everything from food to wages. 

Friends of Victoria Park is another charity we’ve worked with, and we have supplied them with cotton shopper bags, which they then sold to raise money. We also did the same for Stretford Public Hall when they were bidding for community ownership.

So we like to do what we can to help!

Charity Merchandise FAQs

With charity merch, this can vary. Some merchandise for charities can be turned around in a couple of days if you need smaller quantities and basic branding. If you require more significant amounts and bespoke branding, lead times can take up to 16 weeks. But it does depend on what you're looking for, so we always recommend getting in touch for a no-obligation quote to discover what we can do for you. You can start a project here!
The minimum quantity order on charity merchandise ultimately depends on the type of product you want. Some of our products allow you to buy at a minimum quantity as low as 25, but again, it depends on the type of product you want and how detailed your branding needs to be.  To find out more, start a project and let one of our expert team members advise on what's possible!
Not necessarily. Charities still have to pay VAT. You must apply for and pay VAT if you are over the turnover threshold. You can still claim your VAT back; however, you must do this after making a purchase.
Yes. We love to help charities find the best value possible for packaging, meaning we're more than willing to compromise on packaging costs to show we're behind your cause. Although we don't have set rates for this, we consider what you spend to define subsidised rates to show our support to your unique organisation! To find out more about our packaging, head over to our Packaging solutions page or speak to us directly.

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