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As industry experts, we help brands connect with their customers by providing creative branded merchandise solutions, starting with dedicated account management that goes above and beyond. We’ve spent a lot of time fine-tuning the process.

How we work
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What to expect

Every solution is different, but in order to connect your brand with your audience, we always go through seven super phases.

1. Discover

We connect with the customer to delve deeper into your exact requirements including campaign objectives, target audience and budget allowing us to create a comprehensive brief.

2. Empathise

We will put ourselves in the customer's shoes, working with the brief and compiling products that hit the mark and can also be delivered within the required project timelines.

3. Design

Putting our ideas down on paper and creating realistic product and packaging visuals using the customer brand guidelines and assets. A fundamental stage for the customer to imagine what they eventually receive.

4. Develop

A sample of what is to come. We develop a pre-production sample including customer branding. A crucial step for the customer to review the design and make any amendments.

5. Manufacture

After sample approval, its full steam ahead into mass production where the goods are manufactured in our best-in-class factories, this is where rigourous product testing and quality inspection also take place.

6. Deliver

The movement of goods from A to B, in this case from the manufacturer to the customer, with a host of fulfilment and distribution methods available.

7. Analyse

Finally, we reconnect with the customer to review the success of the project and obtain vital feedback.

Land Rover Rugby World Cup

See how we tackled Land Rover’s brief for the Rugby World Cup.

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