Quickfire Q&A with Steph!

It’s time for another Quickfire Q&A, and this time we’re meeting one of our most eco-conscious Account Directors, Steph Doyle!

Steph’s been with us for 7 years now and is a supportive mentor to many of her teammates. 

She’s a genuinely lovely person who loves a chocolate biscuit. If you haven’t met Steph before, grab a brew and settle down for five… 

Hi Steph! For those who don’t know you, can you tell them a little bit about what you do here at A.D.? 

As an Account Director, I work closely with our clients, take the time to understand their needs and what they’re hoping to achieve and then help them find the perfect solution! 

I genuinely love helping our clients find wonderful branded merchandise that aligns with their requirements perfectly, and I enjoy helping them find the most sustainable way to market their business. 

What was your first job?

Other than the free newspaper delivery person, my first full-time job was as a Membership Advisor. I worked at the head office for a chain of leisure centres, inputting all the new members, changing their details when required, and producing their membership cards.

What energises you at work? 

The feeling of getting it right, finding just the right item that the customer loves.

If you could have a dream job other than working at A.D., what would it be?

Don’t know if it would be a dream if I did it, but a primary school teacher. I love listening to the crazy things children come out with, and how quickly they grow and learn. Also, children are so honest!

Happy elementary school teacher holding wind turbine and learning kids about eco-friendly forms of renewable energy

What’s your guilty pleasure TV? 

Emmerdale. Well, I actually stopped watching it for a long time, but now I often have several episodes to catch up on, as no one else in the house likes it, so I need an indulgent afternoon catching up on episodes! 

Best movie? 

Hot Fuzz

But recently, Fast and Furious, which my daughter and I have been watching together and laughing our heads off at it.

Best TV? 

I love a game show – The Wheel or Richard Osman’s House of Games. It’s a fun, quirky quiz that really tests your brain, especially the ‘Answer Smash’ round! It’s great tea-time TV. 

Top book recommendations? 

Robert Galbraith – The Cuckoo’s Calling, although I love all the books in the series – currently reading the latest one.

Richard Osman – The Thursday Murder Club (again, love them all)

Stephenie Meyer – Breaking Dawn (again, I love them all)

Best band?

Not a band but Bryan Adams

Best gig? 

Bon Jovi in Coventry – it was the first one we took our son to, so it’s extra special because of the memories. 

Best Villain? 

Harry & Marv. Hands down. 

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Chocolate Digestives. Not sure I would be very healthy, though!

Top 3 words someone you love would use to describe you? 

From my daughter: Caring, selfless, dependable. 

Best holiday destination?

New York. It’s an incredible city!

If you won 10 million pounds, what would you do?

That’s easy! I would pay everything off for us and our family, and I would do the same for our friends. 

Then we would go on incredible holidays and travel the world. We would also donate to charities that are close to our hearts.

If you could have a superpower for one day, what would it be? 

Talk to animals! I’m a huge animal lover, and I would like to find out what our pets are thinking — and maybe ask them not to be so crazy at times!

Tell us a fun fact that people may not know about you… 

I absolutely hate talking about myself, so this has been my hell — not to mention having to include a photo with it! 

Ahhh, you did good, Steph! Thanks for taking part… we’ll sort you out with a packet of Chocolate Digestives! 



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