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We love people, but did you know that we’re also pet obsessed at A.D.? We’re not alone – it’s estimated that 12 million (44 percent of) U.K. households have pets. In fact, as a nation, we have around 51 million pets between us! And, with more than a quarter of us (26%) owning a dog, they’ve certainly earned their title of being a man’s best friend.

A.D. Pamper your pets - Branded pet products

So, with that in mind, we (and our pets) have selected a few ideas that we think are a purrfect way to show some woof. 

Here’s what Amo’s dog Snowy, Steph’s Bella, and the rest of our furry friends recommend.


Dave’s Faves

A.D. Pets Dave

Dave loves playing tug of war with Mags, which provides him with great mental and physical exercise. He’s certainly tugging at our heartstrings in that pic!

Dave says if you want your dog to catch a frisbee, you have to get them to be interested in and like the frisbee first. Dave says not just any old one will do. A soft yet durable, flexible frisbee that’s resistant to sharp teeth is the best for playing fetch. 

His favourite frisbee is made from durable rope and polyester and is available in a variety of colour options and can be printed in one or two colours on top. 

A.D. Branded Pet Products 1

Dave’s number one rope tug toy is super-sturdy, with colour-matched rope for dogs to get their teeth into. These toys are available in a wide range of standard colours and include a label with a full-colour print on both sides.


Bruno is the top dog!

A.D. Pets Bruno

June’s super-cute Bruno likes to dress to impress in his bandana and bespoke tag! 

If you want to dress your dog up, remember to keep their safety, comfort, and happiness in mind. 

There are plenty of logical reasons why people dress their dogs. Having extra comfort may make your dog feel less anxious during thunderstorms, car rides, and other uncertain events. However, Bruno wears his bandana because he likes to show off in his fabulous personalised polyester version. 

The full-colour dye sublimation print provides permanent personalisation even after washing, and the large 4cm loop means it fits collars easily.

A.D. Branded Pet Products 2

Bruno’s printed steel dog tag can be created as a bespoke shape up to 25mm, and is screen printed or printed full colour with an epoxy dome. This super-stylish tag is supplied with a split ring and jump ring and can also be provided with a soft enamel infill or with a debossed design. 


Ginge says MeoWOW factor counts!

A.D. Pets ginge

Ginge’s favourite toy is his laser because it makes exercising fun and simulates the movement of prey (we promise he does enjoy a cuddle with Steve, too!). This one can be laser engraved to the barrel. 

A.D. Branded Pet Products 3

Ginge also loves this natural hemp ball. He apologises in advance if you are both a cat owner and a knitter. Cats are prone to pounce on every ball of wool or string they see! A hemp ball is the best option to keep your cat away from your wool, and this one comes in all the colours shown (Ginge likes purple). 


Let’s make something pawsome together

We can help you create a fantastic loyalty or incentive gift to show appreciation to new customers with your choice of pet care products inside. 

Our pets can’t help with this bit… but the rest of the team can also assist you with design, fulfillment, and distribution.

A.D. Pets Snowy and Bella

We have a talented team of experts that will have your pet care pack looking exactly how you imagined it, whether that is cute, sophisticated, fun, or all three. We would love to discuss your ideas and create a pet care pack that your clients and their pets will love. 

Branded Pet care Pack - A.D.

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