AD Branded Solutions Watermark

Supplier FAQs

Q. A new name! That’s exciting, is this a brand-new company?
A. We’re not a new company! We’re still the same company, with the same people, but we think our rebrand now best represents our values and helps us align with our customers better.

Q. That’s great, but who do I send my invoices to?
A. Although we’ve changed our name, all of our invoices must stay under our old name of “AD Merchandise Limited”. Good news for you as a supplier, since you don’t have to change anything on your end.

Q. My invoice is pro forma. Does that change anything?
A. Same as above, all our bank details are the same, so you can follow the same steps as before.

Q. Does a new brand come with new contact details?
A. Yes, it does! This is the one area where your own systems need a bit of an update. Our email suffix is now Your immediate contact for payment queries will be Or, you can email our Purchasing Manager Carl at for the entire staff list for your own records.