2020 Newsletter: Issue 1

Looking back – and ahead

Firstly, we hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. This isn’t the opening to our first newsletter of 2020 that we wanted, but events have somewhat superseded our original plans – as I’m sure they have for everyone.

With most of the country either working from home or taking a break from work altogether, we know that isolation can bring with it some unique challenges. One thing that has become apparent is the importance of conversations – both big and small!

That’s why we want you to know that our team is still available to discuss any plans or questions you may have – whether it’s about a product or simply a good old chat!

The AD Team working from home

“We are keeping in touch with all our customers. Feel free to drop us a line, even if you just need a 5-minute break from the kids or the gardening!”
Amo Singh, Managing Director

Products to protect you and those around you

When choosing a product, it can be beneficial to look for something that your customers will find useful. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and other health products are in huge demand at the moment and we have a range of items that will suit your needs. From Face Masks, Hand Sanitisers and Disposable Aprons & Gloves, we also have a range of health, fitness and wellbeing products to help those that are isolated.


PPE Mask

Congratulations to our promotees

We like to reward hard work at AD Merchandise and recognise great performance with internal promotions.

Say hello to our new Account Director, Katie Wiggins. With over 15 years’ experience in the promotional products industry, Katie joined us 4 years ago as an Account Manager. We’re delighted to support her progression and the development of her client portfolio.



Please also welcome our new Commercial Team Leader, Margaret Hamblett. Margaret joined us 3 years ago as Account Executive. Her infectious can-do attitude and organisational skills meant she was the perfect leader for our commercial team.


“In Katie and Margaret, we have two extremely talented team members. We are really excited to see where these promotions lead them to. Congratulations to you both, really well-deserved!”
Nick Green, Commercial Director

Innovative new products for the next quarter

Prior to the current restrictions, our team travelled the world to source new products. From Dusseldorf, Hong Kong to Birmingham, we’ve got a whole host of items that aren’t only sustainable but promote wellbeing too.

We appreciate that many of your planned events and campaigns are currently in question but we’ve got a number of alternative letterbox-friendly branded products that can be easily mailed out… and, we can help with the logistics too!

Office products for your home

A carefully chosen message during isolation can help to strengthen relationships and is definitely something that will be remembered. Speak to your Account Manager for an update on the latest items.

Merchandise you can’t say no to

We’re always on the look-out for new innovations, and in this increasingly data-driven society, our USB Data Protector offers you that extra protection. This nifty essential avoids accidental data exchange when you plug in your mobile device to your computer or public charging station.


The product blocks any data transfer between both devices, preventing it from being stolen or malware installation. Interested? Get in touch with your Account Manager for the latest pricing information and samples. Find out more about the product here…

60 seconds with… Lara Molyneux

Lara joined AD 5 years ago, having worked within our industry on the supplier side. As Account Executive, she provided excellent support to the Commercial Team and Account Managers, working on some of the company’s biggest accounts. She now takes this valuable experience into her current role of Internal Account Manager, developing relationships with current and new customers.



Q. If you were stuck on a desert island, which 3 essential promotional products would you hope you had with you?

A. A notebook, pen, and travel mug (because I am hoping the desert island has tea and coffee making facilities!)
Mug, notebook and pen


Q. Favourite chocolate bar?

A. Galaxy – definitely!

Q. If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

A. Little Mermaid. I loved that film growing up and, to be honest, I love it even more now!

Q. I am never without…

A. My phone – I’m always taking selfies!
Lara's selfies

Q. What superpower would you like to have?

A. To read minds. I could have some fun with that!

Q. What was your favourite band 10 years ago?

A. Artic Monkeys.

Q. Favourite book?

A. All the Harry Potters. Anyone who knows me, knows that Harry Potter is my thing!
Harry Potter Books


Q. Weirdest phobia?

A. People chewing around me!

Q. Do you have a favourite charity you’d like to raise awareness for?

A. Mind – they do a fantastic job helping people with illnesses that aren’t always visible.

Q. If you were locked in the lift with one other member of AD Merchandise, who would you prefer it to be?

A. Bev. My work bestie!

Our plans post-lockdown

While our day-to-day lives may be different, at AD Merchandise, we’re striving to keep things as normal as can be. You’re still able to talk to our team over the phone, via video call and of course by email.

We still have many factories open for production in Europe and the Far East, with lead times that are comparative with UK suppliers. We’re keeping our team safe and supporting our customers to get through this together.

Keep your eyes peeled for news and product updates over the coming weeks by following us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Remember, we’re always on the other end of the phone if you ever have any questions – so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Stay safe and healthy, we hope to speak with you soon.

The AD Merchandise team



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