Thank you, June!

In the bustling world of business, there are those individuals who leave an unforgettable mark on both the company and its people. June, our Business Development Manager, has been one such cornerstone for the past seven extraordinary years. But the time has come for June to take a step back and spend time with her lovely family.

We couldn’t resist the chance to sit down with her for a chat and learn more about her time here at A.D., but before we get stuck in, here’s a heartfelt message from our Managing Directors, Amo and Nick…

“As we bid her a fond farewell, Nick and I can’t help but reflect on her invaluable contributions to A.D. Her departure marks the end of an era, but it also heralds the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her life.”

“June’s journey with us began at a pivotal moment in A.D.’s history. Her arrival brought a breath of fresh air and a wealth of expertise that catalysed our growth in numerous ways. Her infectious personality matched her professionalism, and her knowledge and experience became the bedrock of our success. Her departure leaves a void that will be deeply felt personally and professionally.”

So June, what have you enjoyed most about your job?

I relished every moment in my role as a Business Development Manager.

There’s an exhilaration in the pursuit of opening doors with blue-chip companies and weaving intricate networks within their accounts. The thrill of the chase and the art of connection have been my greatest joys.

Tell us about some of your favourite projects

Ah, there have been quite a few projects that hold a special place in my heart.

First, there’s the rebrand kit for iomart. It’s a true gem, beautifully designed and meticulously crafted. The feedback from the recipients was overwhelmingly positive, which was extremely satisfying.

Then, there were the ‘On the Beach’ welcome packs. What made this project stand out was its uniqueness. We scoured far and wide for fun, vibrant items that perfectly captured their brand spirit. It was a brilliant challenge.”

And let’s not forget the Speedy Summer Kits. Picture a BBQ-themed surprise for each employee. The feedback was fantastic, and I couldn’t help but swell with pride at the sight of those finished boxes!

What are you going to miss most about A.D.?

You know what I’ll miss most is the A.D. family itself. Working alongside such a fantastic group of people has been an absolute joy. The camaraderie, the shared laughs, and the unwavering support – it’s a special bond that I’ll treasure forever.

If you could give a new starter a piece of advice, what would it be?

Listen to the wealth of advice coming your way from both the team and our valued suppliers.

Absorb it all and truly become part of the team. This industry is a goldmine of opportunities, and if you relish your role as much as I have, you’re bound for success. Enjoy the ride!

What are you most looking forward to in your next chapter?

I can’t wait to savour precious moments with my beloved family, especially my gorgeous granddaughter.

And, of course, there’ll be a little time set aside for some delightful ‘ladies that lunch’ gatherings 😊

We’re going to miss you June!

We couldn’t let June go without sharing some special messages from her teammates…

June, we have worked together on and off for the last 20 years in different roles and places. But one thing has always been consistent: your kindness and willingness to help.

“We will miss your ‘check-ins’ and offers of support for the whole team. Enjoy this next chapter with your family and friends, and we hope you will still ‘check in’ on us. All the very best!

-Stephanie Doyle

June is always happy to help me out and go that extra mile when needed. I love our chats and laughs, she never fails to make me smile! Always happy and smiling, she will be missed, and I will miss her lots!

-Jenny Shaw

Thank you for everything and all your help over my time at A.D.! The effort you’ve put into the business is highly commendable, and working with you in the early years of my career has been an honour. I wish you all the best in whatever the future brings!


June, we have worked with each other for 20 years on and off. I love and admire your forceful, energetic, but most of all, your kind nature.

I wish you the very best in your new chapter. It’s time to make more memories with everyone you truly care for.

I’m going to miss those big girl pants, but most of all, I will miss that laugh! Lots of love, Katie x


I have loved working with June throughout my time at A.D., she is such a caring, passionate, knowledgeable and well-respected colleague.

One particular memory sticks in my mind: whilst working from home through COVID, June personally sent to my home address a small but very thoughtful gift (a small reminder we were still a team), which truly meant so much during that difficult time whilst away from personal one to one contact.

Her compassion, energy and love as a team player will be genuinely missed. I wish you all the very best June; enjoy every minute of your family time. Love Bev x


Although our time working together has been relatively short, I have been given the pleasure to experience your vast industry knowledge, dedication and positivity. Wishing you a joyful and fulfilling next chapter. You will be missed.


June, I feel privileged to have worked with you, even though only briefly, and I wish you every happiness in your next chapter!


June, what can I say? You’re a force of nature! We’ll really miss your dedication, extensive product knowledge and superb customer service, but most of all your willingness to help others and checking in with the team.

What you’ve achieved at A.D. is fantastic and is a huge part of helping us to evolve into the company we are today. Thank you!! We hope you enjoy your family time.

The A.D. office will be a much quieter place without that laugh in it! 😆


June’s positive attitude and willingness to take on all and every challenge has been a constant source of support for myself and Nick, and we thank her wholeheartedly for her work and flexibility during the good times and the tough.

-Amo Singh

June has been such an important part of A.D.’s success story; for that reason, she will always be held in high regard with the team here and is welcome back to the office any time!

-Nick Green

With June’s time coming to an end with us here at A.D., she had a few last words she wanted to say before her departure…

“Well, the time has come to say goodbye. I have taken a big, brave step to finish working together. Having worked in the merchandising world for too many years to mention, I’ve decided to close this chapter on my work life to start a new one, concentrating my time on my lovely family and gorgeous granddaughter.

I will miss the A.D. family. I’ve loved my time working alongside everyone for the last seven-plus years!

Best wishes, June.

We hope you’ll all join us in wishing June the best of luck! You’re an unforgettable colleague, and we’ll celebrate the legacy you leave behind. See you soon!



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