When is a pen not “just a pen”?

Did you know, a pen is the number one promotional product worldwide?

You can’t go wrong with a branded pen, but what are you really getting? And with so many pens in the world, how can you make sure yours is different to the rest?


1. When it’s a representation of your brand

From schools, colleges and universities to restaurants, plumbers and the NHS, we all use pens in some form to create, connect and communicate. 

It’s no wonder that pens are a popular choice for branded merchandise. For most of us, we will use a pen five, 10 or 15 times a day. So, if you’re using a promotional pen, your marketing message is sinking in that much deeper and being seen by more people than you think.

They’re a great way to increase brand awareness and create a product that truly reflects what your business is about. People will literally be holding your brand in their hands. When it comes to marketing, you want to be remembered. Repetition is crucial for getting a marketing message across.

There’s another lasting legacy to the billions of cheap ballpoint pens made since the 1950s, though, and it’s not nearly as well known. There’s a huge problem with plastic in our oceans and on our beaches.

Think about how many pens you have at home or work? 10? 20? 50? Multiply this by billions of people, and that’s a lot of pens being used and a lot of pens destined for the bin, which can also end up in our oceans. 

In fact, more than 1.6 billion are thought to be thrown out every year!

Pens are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about sustainability; we understand that. However, if you’re reading this and you’re thinking of purchasing office supplies, why not consider sustainable options

Eco Pen

2. When it’s planet positive

Prodir QS40 True Biotic pen – This pen reduces the amount of plastic being used for plastic pens by…. Being made of less plastic! It’s made from polymers that are generated through natural processes like biosynthesis. 

Microorganisms that produce these polymers also rapidly degrade them. Everywhere. Once the refill has been removed, they are biodegradable without industrial composting, and they decompose in the sea (if they accidentally end up there), landfill or in your own garden too!

As always, we understand that choosing the correct pen will not save our planet alone. However, it’s easy to ignore the impact these little things cause while focusing on the big lifestyle changes. It’s a step in the right direction, and we love making a difference where we can. 

Something as simple as choosing eco-friendly pens will help reduce plastic waste and the effects of harmful ingredients on the environment. The more we discuss the use of recycled materials, the more people will choose to make eco-conscious choices. 

A.D. Creative pen

3. When it writes for miles

Did you know that the average writing length of a ballpoint pen is 900 metres? That’s approximately 50,000 words or about 100 pages of text! If you still can’t visualise how far a pen can write… 

We will explain in A.D. terms – the pitch at Old Trafford is approximately 105 metres long and 68 metres wide. So if you do the maths, that’s over two and a half times around the pitch. That’s a long life for a ballpoint pen!

But if you opt for a refillable pen, not only will the pen write for miles and miles, Senator also offer a free replacement ink cartridge service on their website – which is great all-round, good for the environment and longevity of the pen, which means it has more than one lifetime.


4. When it’s personal

In 95% of cases, if a person is given a new pen, the first word they write is their name, which says a lot about people’s connection with pens. The humble pen has a special place in our lives. We use them to keep track of important events, communicate with others, and get our creative ideas down on paper.

These days people pretty much spend their time on digital devices, but the fact that pens are still so popular means they are definitely a perfect way to help your brand connect with your audience. Which to us, is the most important to us and is the reason why we love what we do!

So, it isn’t just a pen. And it’s a pen with a purpose and story.



We have many more options we could happily discuss with you that are much more than “just a product” – get in contact with one of our creative experts today. 

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