Do Good December: 3 and a half very simple things we’re doing this year

As we approach the end of another year, we’ve been encouraging the team to come up with one way they can take part in our ‘Do Good December’ initiative for 2021. Here are some ideas…

  • Donate
  • Volunteer 
  • Do something simple that means a lot
  • Set some ‘do good’ goals

1. Donating what we don’t use or need

Have a huge clear out! Dig through those overstuffed wardrobes and get rid of your unworn coats, jackets and winter gear and donate them to someone in need. 

While it’s always a great idea to give used items away all year round, winter is an especially crucial time to help people, especially the homeless. 

If you have children like many of us do here at A.D., you can get them to give away their old toys (we understand that might be a difficult task, for the kids). However, if they’re still in good condition, it’s probably time to give them a second life and to someone out there who will really appreciate them. 

When we have unbranded samples that we don’t need, we donate them to local charities who use them to raise money for themselves. Clothing samples go to local homeless charities and stationery samples go to a local school.

Donating toys 2. Volunteer at a local shelter, or soup kitchen

It’s important to us to do the right thing, particularly at Christmas. One charity that is very close to our hearts is Feed My City. They provide hot meals or emergency food parcels to those in need. Our M.D Amo, volunteers week by week and provides business administration support that assists them in their development as an organisation. Additionally, we assist them with design, print and branded merchandise.

We have also helped customers and partners raise money for charity, whether it’s through sponsored walks or product donations, we’ll always do our bit to help. We will continue our work with Feed My City in the new year and many other charities too. 

If you are reading this and you would also like to volunteer for Feed My City then you can email them at – info@feedmycity.org

Feed My City Volunteers

3. It could also be something so simple, like checking in on a neighbour or friend

Most of us look forward to spending Christmas with our loved ones, but for some that might not be the case. Be sure to check in on your neighbours, especially older ones.

We pride ourselves on looking out for our team and making sure they also look out for others. There may be people who don’t have enough money for extra food, or even heating to get through bitter weather. So, a small gift or a simple ‘hello’ could make all the difference.

Older people at Christmas

3.5. Don’t forget to make your new year’s resolutions!

We are certainly reflecting on what we have achieved as a team this year and setting new goals for next year. Now’s the time to set goals for the coming year so you can always refer to them. 

Happy new year

Get in touch and let us know yours!



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