Balancing our impact on the environment

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We’re committed to behaving ethically and responsibly. We recognise that however hard we strive to be sustainable, our business creates an ongoing environmental impact through unavoidable carbon emissions, our global deforestation footprint, and plastic pollution. That’s why we greenify® and we’re the first in our industry to do it!

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Why we greenify

Why do we greenify®?

If we’re to preserve a habitable planet for future generations, going ‘carbon neutral’ will not be enough. We have to protect the forests that capture and store the carbon emissions our activities generate. We have to repair damaged environments to restore their full carbon-capture capacity. And we have to stem the flood of marine plastic that’s damaging the oceans’ ability to absorb and safely store CO2.

Greenify our people

We greenify® our people

We’re proud to be a Planet-Positive Workforce. That means that a portfolio of natural climate solutions underwrites each person on our team to rebalance their ecological footprint. Each month, for each employee, we fund:

  • 1.1 tonnes of nature-based carbon credits.
  • 3kg of nature-bound plastic waste recovered and repurposed.
  • 1 tree planted.
Greenify our products

We greenify® our products

Our products are sourced from across the globe. They’re manufactured from metals and plastics, cotton and manmade fabrics, paper, ceramics, and various technology components. Every item creates its own tiny environmental footprint due to the raw materials processing, manufacturing, and shipping. So we’ve taken responsibility for that footprint by supporting initiatives that help fill it in.

Greenify impact

Our impact

We make monthly contributions to a range of natural climate solutions and environmental projects, and since we began to greenify our business in June 2021, we have contributed towards some great programmes, and as our business grows, our contribution to these initiatives will grow too – because rebalancing the impact of our activities is the only truly sustainable business model.

Taking Care

Taking care

We care about doing business right and giving back to the community and our planet.

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We want our actions to have a positive social impact for employees, customers, suppliers and the community.

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We have a factsheet for that! Discover more about greenify®