A Coffee with Amo

Amo, our Managing Director, joined us for coffee. 

Day to day ‘A.D. life’ would be impossible without Amo. As Adam puts it, “Amo is a great boss to work for! He holds regular individual sit-downs with each team member to see how we are on a personal level, and if we need any assistance work-wise. Along with this, he helps ensure the atmosphere in the office remains upbeat and lively throughout each week.” 

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Here’s how our chat went…

First up, we know you’re the MD, so you probably can’t pick a favourite! But… do you have a business best friend? 

Exactly that! No favourites. I have a lot of love for everyone.

How do you deliver the most value to your clients?

By being there, always. Making yourself available 24/7 and, most notably, if there is ever an issue or a problem, establishing how you deal with those is an accurate measure of how strong a partnership is.

Tea or coffee?

Vimto! Or coffee before 2pm.

What is your passion outside of work?

Family. I am blessed with an amazing wife, two brilliant kids, and the rest of the clan is not too bad either! Time with them all is what I look forward to the most.

What makes an excellent team for you?

Knowing that you have each other’s backs gives you so much confidence. We always ensure we support each other, no matter what, and remind each other of it every day, right across the team. It makes us who we are; Team A.D.

I bet that motivates you?

Being part of a team that supports and looks after each other is really motivating, yes. As tough as the 2 lockdowns and Covid have been, it has brought us together, and how everyone helps each other is fantastic to see and be a part of. 

What three traits define you?

I would like to think desire, being a bit random, tinged with a bit of perfectionism!

And what does your desk look like?

Somewhere between clean and very clean, most of the time!

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why?

It would have to be teleportation. I quite often need to be in two places at once, so it would come in handy!

Do you have any business/life rituals that are non-negotiable?

Always do business with a smile and always make time for your family.

What about any hidden talents that we might not know about?

Plaiting hair. I used to do my grandmother’s as she got older, and had to perfect my daughter’s after she was singled out at school for having rubbish hair (that I had done!).

Anything else that might surprise us about you?

I had 15 minutes of fame when I appeared on Tipping Point.


Awesome! You did great and raised a fantastic amount of money for a tremendous cause – you should be proud.
Now, we know you’re great at offering great advice, but what’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

It’s tough to answer this, given I have had some fantastic people around me who have helped me over the years.

If there is one thing I try to remind myself of each day, however, it’s to enjoy the journey. It can be very easy to get caught up in achieving goals and targets, both personally and professionally, but you sometimes forget to make the most of the fun you should have along the way.

Excellent advice. So, if you weren’t doing this job, what would you be doing?

If I had not got into the wonderful world of branded merchandise, I think my life would’ve been very different. It gave me direction and purpose, which I’ll be forever grateful for. 

I do love cars though, so maybe selling cars. I would have more of them if my wife didn’t stop me from buying them. It would be great to be able to drive lots of cars, make a living and work in an industry that really interests me too. 

What’s the last thing you bought? 

Funnily enough – a car!

Where is your favourite place to be? (And, you can’t say your car!)

Lying in bed eating popcorn watching Downton Abbey with my wife, or The Apprentice with my daughter.


What’s your favourite time of day?

8.30am dropping my daughter off at school. She’s in her last year at Junior School, so I am allowed (by her). It’s only a short drive, but it’s ‘our’ time.

My second favourite is, of course, 8.45am as I dance into the A.D. office every day!

Countryside or city?

The countryside! I have lived in the city all my life, and it has been fantastic, but I love the fresher air of the country! I get away with my family most weekends, and the more chilled out pace is very welcome, especially after a week of fun and games at A.D. at 100 mph!

That said, I am Mancunian through and through and I love the city. It shapes you and makes you who you are. The role Manchester has played in history, socially (women’s & worker rights), scientifically (From Graphene to Alan Turing), musically (Oasis, Stone Roses, Take That and of course Happy Mondays!) It makes you very proud. Our office kitchen artwork celebrates the city perfectly too!


How do you start most mornings?

Meditation at 5am. Sets me up for the day beautifully.

A.D. is doing some incredible things for the planet, but what’s the best thing for you about being a Planet Positive Person?

It’s got to be knowing that A.D. takes the environmental and social impact of its team very seriously, and is doing something about it. It’s one thing that we take ownership of how we conduct as a business, but knowing that it is being considered individually makes me feel proud and much more mindful about how I operate day to day and how I consume in the real world. 

 Are you a crammer or a planner?

Most definitely a planner!

And what would you do if you had an extra week’s holiday each year?

Charity work. I loved being able to donate the money to a charity that means so much to the team and me. As many people will already know, I’m passionate about working with people in food poverty or with youngsters looking to make their way in life. A charity close to our hearts is feed my city

(You can find out more about them here – https://feedmycity.org/).

A.D.’s apprenticeship programme is also thriving. Seeing young people develop and grow is just amazing, and if I could do it more, I would. I love how everyone across the team buys into it, and I think that’s why it has been successful.

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

Not the best book I have ever read (but a very good one). The Midnight Library. An excellent and easy read. I won’t ruin it and tell you what it’s about. Just give it a go!

Where do you go to get inspired?


What’s your favourite of the A.D. brand values and why?

Take care. We must all look out for and look after each other. 

Taking care of them is so important, but how do you support and inspire customers?

Giving them confidence in what we do, how we do it and that we are always there for them.

So, in your own words, how would you define Creative Connections?

Aside from the obvious creativity and solutions we offer, I look at it in more human terms. At heart, we’re a group of individuals working as a team to support and get creative for our clients, so it helps them with what they are doing. We have to get very creative in presenting ourselves to put our best foot forward. That way, the connections we then make become wholesome and long-lasting.

If you could be any Game of Thrones character, which one would you be?

Lord Varys. He is well connected and has eyes and ears everywhere! That’s not why I chose him, though. My nephew is called Varis, and he calls me Momo; I love it!


What’s your favourite time of day?

When I am welcomed home by the dog each evening – she is always delighted to see me. My wife and kids, however? Nowhere to be seen!


Where do you hang out online? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin?

​​I get encouraged to spend more time on social media by our digital branding team, Lisa and Cait from EQ, which I try to do. But being the saddo that I am, I have joined the MX-5 owners club and now spend too much time on there!

How many apps do you have on your phone?

There are too many that I don’t even use!

How many languages can you speak?

Three to four, but one fluently (English), one averagely mixed in with some English (Punjabi), and one in which I get by with the help of hand gestures and acting things out! (Spanish). One of my best friends is also from Liverpool, and we exchange in Scouse.

Maybe we will get to hear your scouse impression one day?!
So, what’s the one thing you could not live without?

My wife has told me it is her! But she then backtracked and said my Top Gear magazine! 

And finally, when do you feel most fulfilled?

It has to be when a project comes together at work, and you see the finished article. At home, when I see my two children laughing together. My son is nearly fifteen, and my daughter is eleven, so you can imagine that they don’t always see eye to eye, but they’re close and make each other laugh uncontrollably, which is beautiful to see.

We don’t doubt for a second that you indeed are a family man and care for not only them but all of your team too. 

It has been great to chat with you, Amo! 


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