A Coffee with Jen

This month we’re sharing a coffee with Jen.

Jen is one of our superstars working in our accounts team and works closely with everyone in the business to keep clients happy and accounts up-to-date. 

She’s a busy mum-of-two, with a love of designer handbags and has the cutest dog in the world! Grab a brew and take five minutes to meet Jen…

a woman with long blonde hair and a white sweater.

What is your job role?

I am an Accounts Assistant.

What motivates you?

Supporting the great work our team does by keeping our accounts fully up-to-date. It gives me great satisfaction to see our accounts moving in the right direction.

Do you have a business bestie?

It has to be my boss Steve Ragg, and no I’m not being paid to say that!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

To not worry about things that are outside of your control. 

However, I do worry about the simple things, but over the years I have got better at knowing when not to worry.

If you weren’t working at A.D. what would you be doing?

I would love to be a full-time mummy to my two beautiful children, and our dog Manny!

a large brown dog laying on top of a floor.

What’s your favourite time of day?

For me it would have to be bedtime. Is there anything better than getting tucked up in bed after a long day? 

What was the last thing you bought?

I have to admit I did treat myself to a new DKNY bag very recently.

a black and white purse with a cell phone and a watch.

How do you support and inspire our customers?

‘Get it right first time’ is a phrase that’s always stuck with me, so I take time to ensure everything I do is correct and clear to understand. 

As I am responsible for collecting payments, it’s important that clients feel reassured that their accounts are being managed properly and have a great impression of our business. 

I think if my team were to describe my approach to work, they would say ‘friendly, but firm’.

Tea or coffee? Or both?

Tea is my go-to, but it has to be in a china cup if I’m at home. 

However, we don’t have any china cups in the office, so I often opt for a coffee at work.

a cup of tea with a saucer on a saucer.

How do you deliver the most value to your clients?

My aim is to provide information efficiently and in a timely manner, whilst always being happy to help, no matter the situation.

What makes a great team for you?

Teamwork. One of the great things about A.D. is how well we work together and ensure every client receives an incredible service!

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why?

To be able to magic away all horrible diseases.

Cancer being the absolute first! 

What does your desk look like?

Fairly tidy.

Countryside or city?

I have to start by saying I like both. A city for the buzz and nightlife, however, the countryside for a nice walk with my family and dog.

But if I had to choose one, I would say the city!

the city of london at night with the lights on.

If you had an extra week’s holiday each year, what would you do?

Definitely have some me time, it just doesn’t come around that often anymore.

I’d love to be a lady who gets to go to lunch with the girls more often, and maybe even the odd pamper session.

What is your passion outside of work?

Spending time with my family.

I do also love a good night out clubbing with my girlfriends, and that’s before you get me started on the festival season!

a young child standing next to a brown dog.

What’s the one thing you could not live without?

My mum. She’s my rock.

How do you start most mornings?

Cup of tea and a hot shower.

Where do you hang out online – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?


How many apps do you have on your phone?

More than I can count. Most of them are games which my daughter plays.

Where is your favourite place to be?

Similarly, to my favourite time of day being bedtime, my absolute favourite place to be is my bed!

a bed with pillows and a lamp on a table.

How many languages can you speak?

Just the one, unfortunately, I would love to learn the Greek language as I got married over there.

Looking for an incredible way to connect with your customers? 

Let’s make something awesome together. Start a project.



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