Team A.D. is fighting back against climate change. Here’s our impact so far

Behaving ethically and responsibly is essential to us. But we know that whatever we do to be sustainable, like most businesses, we’ll always leave our mark on the environment – carbon emissions, deforestation, plastic pollution… but we’re working on it!

We Greenify (It’s one of our values). And we do it to ensure our actions have a real and measurable impact in the fight against climate change. 

So, what is our impact?

In our first three months with Greenify, we’ve funded 135 tonnes of nature-based carbon credits, which is enough to offset the carbon emissions from driving a medium-sized petrol car for over 18 laps around the planet!



Sustainability. For real.

People are getting more and more interested in the brands they buy from and the environmental impact they have. YouGov surveyed more than 9,000 people worldwide, and 67% of them said that they’re in favour of brands who create their products with a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint (how much greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are produced due to business operations). So, we started to look at how we could begin to fill that carbon footprint in.

But it soon became apparent that it was about more than that for us. We’re committed to doing the right thing (that’s one of our values, too!), so we didn’t want to simply ‘offset’ and clear ourselves of environmental guilt. The idea of doing something that genuinely rebalances our impact on the environment is a big deal to us. ‘Offsetting’ is a fast-growing sector, so finding a bona fide partner that matched our values was huge for us  – because the entire team believes that initiatives towards sustainability should not be a gimmick. 

We realised that we have to look beyond carbon because deforestation and plastic pollution are also significant contributors to the climate crisis.



Making a huge difference

As a result of our partnership with Greenify, we’ve recovered and repurposed 750 kg of nature-bound plastic waste (the equivalent of 75,758 half-litre single-use water bottles) and funded the planting of 300 trees in deforested areas of Yucatan, Mexico. 

With Greenify, we get to be part of the most beautiful, powerful and transformative climate solutions on earth. 

As well as working exclusively with Greenify in our industry, we’re putting sustainable solutions front and centre and encouraging our partners and the brands we work with to do the same. 


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