Promotional gifts that turn heads at trade shows

Trade shows present a fantastic opportunity to pitch products and services to members of the public. Many attendees are actively ready to buy as soon as they step inside – and you need to seize the chance to show them what your brand can offer.

Conference Centre

The problem is there are so many other companies trying to do exactly the same thing as you – the competition is incredibly fierce.

Trade show stand

An effective way to turn heads and encourage footfall to flow towards your stand is to offer great gifts that people can use, enjoy, share and carry around right there and then. This way, your brand will be all over the room for the entire event.

Here are some of the best promotional gifts to order in time for trade show season.

Mass market merchandise

First thing’s first – stock up on low cost, mass market merchandise to pad out your trade show table and give away to people as free presents. Some good examples include Rubik’s Cubes, retro sweets, mints and stress toys – the sorts of items that fit perfectly on a decent-sized office desk without getting in the way.

Low cost items

Reusable water bottles are particularly popular right now, with people moving away from single-use plastics. An attractive, branded bottle could be used for weeks, months, or even years – and your company name will be right there with it no matter where it travels.

AD Merchandise

Lanyards are also smart, practical gifts. People tend to retain them long after the event has come to an end, especially if you invest in a lanyard smart charger.

Strong goodie bags

Trade show visitors will need some way to carry the mass market merchandise they pick up from every stand, which is why a well-designed goodie bag is so important.

A strong bag isn’t just useful for giving away small products – it also offers trade show attendees a means to collect items from around the stands. They can use this bag all day, and even to do their future shopping.


As far as material goes, polypropylene or cotton are both good choices – offering sturdiness along with style. Just be sure to inscribe a powerful message on the bag as well as your logo and any key details (such as your website or email address), and ensure it’s got the gusset to withstand heavy weight.

Exclusive, secret giveaways

If you spot someone you’d really like to speak to, or you’re having a great conversation with a potential customer across the trade table, you can sweeten the deal by handing over a gift from under the counter.

These “exclusive” products are stored out of sight and are only available to particular people (you’re free to decide who is eligible). Being given a high-value, hidden gift can make a stand visitor feel rather special, and they certainly won’t forget your brand in a hurry.

Premium Gifts

Good examples of exclusive gifts include top-quality pens, bluetooth speakers, notebooks and fully charged portable chargers. These can be used both on the day and in the future – extending your brand’s reach even further.

Rule the roost at your next trade show

If you need any support or guidance in preparing for your next big trade show, our team will be delighted to help you in any way we can.

Just get in touch on 0161 848 9800 or send an email to hello@admerchandise.co.uk and we can tell you more about our terrific range of products. Everything you need for a successful trade show is available right here at AD Merchandise.

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